Simple cheap Sponsor Signage solution for your club room

Your sponsors deserve some special treatment. Put their logos and messages on a flashy TV screen up in your club. It's simple and cheap.

Another classic VFL scoreboard structure gets a Solid retrofit

Coburg City Oval, home to Coburg VFL and EDFL's West Coburg.
The hand painted club names and the hand-cranked numbers have been replaced with mouse clicks.
Kind of sad, but that's progress. Check it out...

Can't be at the game? Automatic LIVE scores

LIVE scoreboard "widgets" to place on YOUR club's webpage.
One of our premier clubs, Langwarrin, now has THREE Solid scoreboards. They're all online and automatically pushing live scores to the world (check out their widgets at Well done Langy!

Busy start to the footy season :)

5 scoreboard installs in 8 days. Welcome to Solid - Yarram, Gordon, Crib Point, Carisbrook & Mt.Eliza