NO rules for Savvy Scoreboards

When are small scoreboards better than huge scoreboards?
When they are designed and positioned to enhance your venue & member experience. Plus, the mega savings $$$ :)

Introducing "Savvy Scoreboards".

Most sports venues need the traditionally placed scoreboard across the field, an old crowd favourite. The larger the better, obviously! Guided by your budget.
BUT, some venues are different.
Fresh thoughts are needed to make the most of your venue layout AND your budget.
Savvy Scoreboards are smaller and can be multiple displays, located in prime viewing areas.
Savvy Scoreboards are designed around YOUR members & players. 

A great example is the double sided display shown below. Compare this small display to a monster scoreboard on the other side of the ground. 
Can you see what we are getting at?

Savvy vs Junction2

With this double sided scoreboard:
1. The players (and the viewers around the fence) have a clear view of the basic scores.
2. Your valued members & sponsors have a closer range high definition scoreboard view.
     More detail/information displayed.
     More advertising potential.
     More flexibility. This unit can easily display a TV feed with your venue scores below it. Should Bathurst be on today!
     Simple screen control is also available with the hand-held remotes and on-screen control guidance. 

If you think your venue could do with some special attention and a consultation then please contact us for a chat

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