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With summer fast approaching, you may want to consider a service on your screen. If your Solid LED screen is under 2 years old then you should be OK for a while yet. If not, and you haven't had a recent service then it would be wise to arrange a quick look from a professional. The screens are designed to cope with this heat BUT running hot will shorten the life of the components.

Summer Ventilation quick check sheet

The famous WACA are now running Solid Scoring software!

The WACA have gone from 1 unchangable scoreboard layout to a dozen+.  depending on the game-format and the game-moment.
They can edit and add layouts to suit WACA needs!


Australia’s Leading Supplier of Digital Scoreboards

We all remember the good old days of wooden scoreboards at sporting events.

Someone’s dad from the local footy team would stand by the board all day in the rain, straining his arms to take the old score down and then place the new one up.

Whilst this image holds a nostalgic place in the minds of Australians from every corner of the country, it just isn’t as practical (or professional) as having a digital scoreboard installed at your local sports club.

To give your players the sporting arena they deserve, Solid Scoreboards provides Australian sports clubs with LED scoreboards for sale and installation at their local venue.

We are a dedicated, family-based business who provide sporting clubs with digital LED boards, sponsor messages and logos, as well as crowd entertainment.

What are our services?

Solid Scoreboards is Australia’s leading video-style digital scoreboard provider.

We supply sporting clubs with all the necessary technology to make their venue look incredible. Your venue will wow your opposition and have your team top of the ladder in the tech department.

We provide our scoreboards for football clubs, cricket clubs, basketball teams etc.

We also supply new software for digital displays so that if you would like to update your club’s old LED scoreboard we can help.

Not only do we supply sporting clubs with LED scoreboards, but we also supply businesses with video walls for retail use or meetings, and digital signage for displaying messages to customers and clients.

Contact us to arrange our services

If you have any further enquiries about our digital signage installation service, or would like to arrange a consultation, please feel free to call us on 1300 303 733.