Tips & Tricks for your Solid PlayHQ scoreboard

PlayHQ scoreboard integration is still NEW.
All parties are learning (& adapting) as we go.
Solid are here for support when you need us.

Current 'Tips & Tricks" to observe:

1. Call us - 03 9708 2992

Solid are manning the phones AND can remote-in to your systems if you are having problems.
Please call us - IF we are busy PLEASE leave a message
When an issue is happening this is the best time to fault-find (not on Monday after the game)
7am - 7pm, 7 days a week

03 9708 2992

2. The "basic" start-up sequence

1. Turn ON your scoreboard
2. Open up your PC and start the Solid PlayHQ scoreboard app.
3. Once the Solid app is running, THEN you can start setting up your game in PlayHQ scoring device...
    ie. "who won the toss", batting or bowling", batters, etc.
    If the SOLID APP opens after you enter the batters, then the names MAY not appear correctly yet.
    Phq noData
    DON'T WORRY - start scoring as normal - the "scores" should be updating - the batters & bowlers "names" should update in a few overs - be patient.   
    Phq withData
    Call us if NOTHING is updating.
4. IF there is previous game-data showing then this will disappear when the new game starts
     - if this is annoying then you can try the yellow [clear] button. But the scores "may" reappear before the new data lands.
     - we recommend running AutoAds during this period.

3. If you have zero data coming in (during a big-game panic moment) 

1. Call us - 03 9708 2992
2. If everyone is freaking out AND it is an important moment in the game
3. Switch to our backup program Solid SIMPLE CRICKET
     (you "should" already know how to do this).

4. If you have zero data coming in (and you're calm).

FYI - on the PlayHQ scoring app (not our Solid gear)
- this app is designed VERY well, the scorer CAN keep scoring, even if your internet signal drops out.
   The scoring will continue. Then, when the internet resumes, the updated scores will refresh. Very clever :)
- the problem? if your scoring device has no internet signal, then YOUR SCOREBOARD will NOT UPDATE!!
What can you do?
1. Check the online PlayHQ scores for your game (as you would if you were elsewhere, checking the live scores).
              (PlayHQ online link)          
          If the online scores are halted, like the scoreboard then reconnect your scoring device to the internet.
          Even try "disconnecting" the internet connection ,then "reconnect".
          If you are unsure if your scoring device is online try googling something odd (that will not be stored in your cache).
          If you succeed, then the scores will start to flow to the scoreboard.
2. IF the scoreboard is NOT updating, BUT the online PlayHQ scores ARE updating, then your scoreboard PC internet may be down.
          Check the connection - if you fix it, the scores should start to update.
          If you are unsure - call Solid on 03 9708 2992
          We will be able to login IF your internet is fine.

5. Your "target" is not displaying for a 2+ day game

- At this moment PlayHQ data is not displaying the Target scores for 2 days games (1 day games are fine).
- However, we have been creating a secondary layouts (same design) where the club can manually enter the Target figure.
          Check if you have an extra "layout display" called "2-day man target" (or similar).
          If you do:
          1. Select this layout
          2. Manually enter the Target in the Data field (as shown below)
                 - you may need to untick & tick the box to activate it.
Phq manTarg1

If you do not see one of these "manual 2 day target" choices then please contact Solid to arrange.

6. Zero data? - Has your game been moved to a different oval?

Your scoreboards are LOCKED and will automatically display the scores for the FIXTURED GAMES on that oval.

If games have been moved, contact your administrator of the person that has the rights to alter the venue of fixtured games.

7. Are you running the latest Solid app versions?

There are 2 important apps. 1. Our main Solid app, plus 2. The Webhook app - below shows how to check.

Latest version question

Current versions:
Solid PlayHQ
Ver. 5.22.9
Solid Webhook

It is preferred that Solid carry out any update/s & testing.
However, if you are confident (& geeky) then you can download the latest files here for copying.
Click to download the zip (this download will start immediately)

8. Other known "recent" glitches you may notice

With ALL parties still actively coding this scoring system, sometimes a bug may appear.
- followed by "fixes/updates" for sort these.
If you notice any of these bugs listed below then please contact Solid so we can log on and apply the update to your system:
1. Scoring on CHROME with PlayHQ - on the SAME PC that is running the scoreboard.
     - IDEALLY - the Solid PC (connected to the scoreboard) sits there and soley controls the scoreboard
                       - The Scorer (ideally) uses a separate device (PC, tablet, phone, etc.) to score on the PlayHQ app.
     - IF you choose to use the one PC for both tasks
          - the screen/monitor will be busy and confusing for the Scorer
          - IF you use Chrome to access PlayHQ you might get ZERO scoreboard data
          - If this happens to you then: 
               - pause your scoring (we suggest selecting "Break", then  "Rain delay"
               - Close Chrome
               - Open Explorer - login to PlayHQ and [resume] scoring as the Primary scorer
               - you should see the scoreboard start to come to life (after pressing some scores)
          - Better yet, run the PlayHQ scoring from a different device.
     - If there are still problems CALL  03 9708 2992

2. Incorrect batter showing as "on strike"
     (your scoring PC requires an update)
3. Current Batter scores reverting back to zero. For the brief period between the end-of-the-over, and before the next bowler is selected.
     (your scoring PC requires an update)

9. Running with Two (2) "Primary Scorers" in PlayHQ   

Added 2nd Dec 2023

This is NOT possible if you want to run a scoreboard.

See attached for detail

IF you notice anything else odd then please let us know. Either call or send a note to

Thanks for your support

03 9708 2992