Scoreboard Advertising

Would you like to expose your business on local scoreboards?
Your ad can appear automatically during the big game.

Contact Solid on 03 9708 2992

Some detail on how this advertising  works:   (cricket example - other sports are similar)

  • After a Four
    • The Solid-sourced ad runs for 4 secs
    • Followed by any ads the club wishes to run
      • The club can add as many ads as they like. The more ads, the longer it takes, until returning to the scoreboard layout.
  • Plus, after an Over
    • The Solid-sourced ad runs for 4 secs, etc. same as the Four
  • Solid will ask the club for approval before running a sponsor – to prevent clashes, ie. If you already have a Café sponsor.
  • Once our sponsor is locked in, their ad will remain for the entire season
    • The same sponsor ad may vary in appearance (ie. message/image) during the year.
    • The ads are locked into the system and cannot be accessed by the club.

If a “Solid sponsor” is not ready for Round 1 we will be running our “advertise here” ad in the interim.


If your Club is interested in Solid providing more scoreboard sponsors ($$) on your behalf then please get in touch.