Why consider a Scoreboard and/or software from Solid?


Our products have grown from the core needs of local sports clubs and their sponsors. We understand "why" you are investing this hard-earned member money.

A purchase from Solid is only the beginning, you'll have our numbers saved in your phones and you'll be confident about reaching us 7-7-7. 

7-7-7 Service and Support, call 03 9708 2992
(7am-7pm, 7 days AEST) 

We will continually endeavour to meet any needs you may have with our products and services.

Why the special attention? Simply... all of us here at Solid are members of sports clubs ourselves, and we enjoy dealing with likeminded people.


This is the key to a Solid Scoring System. There's 1000s of LED products out there that could potentially show an image at a sports ground.

There is only 1 that ticks all of the boxes for the needs of local sports club. Yes, this is cocky! But we have spent 10 years investing in this development because there was nothing else vaguely suitable.

We are proud of the result. As the saying goes, "do yourself a favour". Make sure you personally witness the capabilities of Solid Software before you invest.

All scoreboard companies WILL say they have awesome software. Some of them are actually passing off downloaded free software and passing it off as theirs. YOU WILL KNOW WHEN YOU COMPARE so make sure you don't order before viewing and pressing the control buttons yourself.

You "should" be able to source cheaper systems than ours, that makes sense as Solid does invest more into R&D and daily program development. This is a large portion of our costs, without it a full Solid scoreboard system would be about 20% cheaper.
Never fear, if you do invest with a different company, all is not lost. Many clubs are now getting us in to remove their existing software and replace it with our beautiful Solid software.


Regular maintenance, regular updates and regular communications lead to your confidence in the system purring on game-day.

If a hiccup should occur on game-day then you will be confident that our support and fault procedures will kick in and get your advertisers images back where they belong.

Research & Development

From our first scoreboard to one installed last week we are always noting down how we can improve. After 400+ screens it is now getting harder to conjure up possible improvements at our "post install" assessment meetings.

Our enormous pool of researchers (our clients) also make it a point to chip in when they have a light-bulb moment.

There are some fantastic plans that have passed our drawing boards recently. Currently our programmers and suppliers are creating prototypes. Ask us "What's new?", you'll be impressed.


As mentioned above there are 1000s of potential LED suppliers out there to choose from. We know only too well that approximately 10% of these suppliers have worthy for Aussie sports. Be wary!

Our drive is to supply dependable hardware. This is an ongoing evolving task as hardware and components are constantly changing.


WHY is this at the bottom of the list?? What we have done since day 1 was provide 24/7 service and support. To Solid this is normal!

What happens if something goes wrong on game-day?

If you're within an hour of our factory then great. If you are further (& what we call "remote") then our service network procedures kick into action and your scoreboard will still be worked on within hours by Solid trained staff.

Your SPONSORS are important to you and YOU are important to us.

Talk is cheap - please call ANY of our clubs and ask about our "support" - click here for some clubs


Value has a different meaning to "price".

We should always be more expensive (considering our higher quality component costs & our ongoing R&D). Being the dearest yet selling more matrix scoreboards than ALL competition combined is due to 1 reason - VALUE!

"Peace of mind" should also be factored in Value. Once again, please contact our existing clubs for a reference.