Digit based scoreboards???

If you're new to Electronic Scoreboard shopping, when you see reference to "digits" or "digit based" it means a handful of LED bulbs in the shape of an "8" (see the left image below).
These make great "scoreboards" (if the digits are the correct size).
However, if you are after an exciting sponsor-pleasing video screen then you need to focus on full-matrix video screen style Scoreboards WITH the correct dedicated software (otherwise your Video Scoreboard may as well be a digit-based scoreboard). To be absolutely clear, full-matrix LED screens have LED bulbs over EVERY square cm of the entire screen face.

Strangely, digit-based scoreboards are sometimes close in cost to a full-matrix screen. We're not sure why?? When you compare the amount of actual LEDs in comparison logic suffers.

DigitBased V Full Matrix

Digit-based scoreboards have their place.
Knowing the difference is crucial when shopping. If you need clarification you are welcome to call us and we will explain all of the pros and cons.