Video Walls

A popular question for those new to the field... Why not use a regular "domestic" LCD screen?

Screen LIFE

Commercial displays can last up to 5 times longer than "Domestic LCD" screens. Whilst domestic screens are usually a cheaper option in the beginning you should consider the total life of the product. Commercial screens always calculate cheaper "per year of life".


Most commerical screens are designed to keep Burn-in to a minimum. (Burn-in is that ghosting effect showing an older image visible on the screen long after this image has gone or even if the screen is switched off)


If there is a power outage then a commercial screen will reset and turn itself back ON. Those with domestic screens must walk around the premises with a remote control.


Commercial screens are designed to run cooler and longer. A domestic screen will run hotter with less internal cooling. If "on" for longer periods a domestic screen may suffer image deterioration.


Many types of domestic screens will often reset to landscape.


Commercial screens are designed for optiman viewing with contrast, clarity, anti-glare being high priorities.


Commercial screens appear more professional. FINE BORDERS - as small as 4mm - Looks great and allows for slim-look Video Walls. NO LOGOS


Most domestic screens will have a clause to their warranties. If used in a commercial environment the warranty periods may be reduced to typically 90 days


Recently we have added "OUTDOOR VISIBLE SCREENS" to our range. These screens have a brightness rating of 2000 nit. Compared to regular screens or between 450-700 nit.